Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First Post....

This is obviously my first post. I don't know what I'm supposed to talk about yet, or who will read it or who will even care....But it's worth a shot. I've got stories to tell and dreams to here goes nothing....

Talk to you soon,

Dipped In Honey Rolled In Sugar

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  1. Hi,
    I just noticed that you are one of my followers. I thought that I'd just try give you help starting a blog. Just write what you are feeling at the moment. Include a picture or two and tell a little about yourself.Mine started out as a gardening blog. My first attempt was when my step kids gave me a rose bush. I had no experience in caring for a rose. I thought that in posting each day....I would get some help from others who were more experienced. It would also make me take care of it, because I would be expected to show the rose from time to time.I can remember my first comments...I was so excited...someone was reading my words. That led to many more topics. I post about anything and everything. I don't worry about punctuation or spelling (I use spell check) just put my scattered thoughts down. I've even posted some of my simple poems and recipes. My camera goes everywhere with me. I take pictures of things along the road, the sky, people, family, you name it. Somedays I might just put a picture there. So, don't be shy...give it a try. Hey, I made up a little rhyme. Come and leave a comment...Balisha